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A short history

Cobden Place is a old lace factory building secluded at the end of Cobden Chambers courtyard, in Nottingham City centre. With a history spanning some 150 years, originally a factory and in the 1800s used as a photographer’s studio, as a base for the Nottingham Society of Artists. 

Between 1895 and 1912 the Chambers was the registered office for Notts County Football Club. 

 From the early to mid 1900s the building was used as a factory again, one business known to make lace skirts for Marks and Spencer's. From the 1970s it was used as the editing house for 'Platform' a monthly arts magazine for the midlands. From the 1980s it was home to a Horologist. And finally, in 2013 the building was sympathetically restored, making the most of its historic features and becoming a home for independent businesses. 

The renovation

The Chambers had been left derelict for 20 odd years until 2013 when it was renovated by Bildurn and the Creative quarter into the pleasant and inviting place for independent retailers and creatives you see today. The building was home to pigeons, needed a new roof, windows and all modern amenities, the renovation took around 2 years and Involved huge efforts from local trades people and businesses.   

Since then it has played host to and supported many independent businesses and individuals.

Cobden Place is currently home to some well established independent businesses and over 40 Coworking members. 

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