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Cobden Place is proud to present our very own permanent kilo sale -  Cobden Kilo!

Unlike most kilo sales, ours is a permanent fixture within our building. No tickets, no special entry requirements, just here for you every day of the week. Our team constantly curates what is for sale so our items are regularly changing from day to day, season to season, to provide you with all your vintage clothing needs. 

Conventional clothing shops sell items on a per item basis. In a kilo sale it sells by it's weight.

At Cobden Kilo you can pick up amazing vintage clothing for just £15. We charge fractionally which means if you only want half a kilo of clothes, we only charge you half of £15. This applies to whatever fraction is works out at, so you're always getting the best price for the items you want. We even cap heavier items such as heavy coats, jackets and bags. So you never pay more than £15 for a singular item.

We do sell smaller items at a fixed price such as jewellery, hats, scarfs. Only because they are so light. They are allocated in baskets so we never price items individually, giving you the opportunity to find some truly unique items.

We're always working hard with our suppliers to provide the best for you, if you want something in please let us know! Inform our staff or drop us a dm on instagram @cobdenkilo.